Blended Learning Approaches in Adult Educaton-A Current Trend

The first article that I located regarding “trends” and our topic of “Blended Learning” (link below) was particularly interesting for me. Essentially, it evaluates the growing shift towards blended learning within corporate settings. It discusses how trainers are now needing to adapt their roles to this “new” methodology.

The article discusses how the implementation of more “online” training has benefits for the student, including convenience of completing the material at a time that works best for them. The benefits for the employer included time saving, cost saving, and minimizes employees time away from daily tasks. The article also discusses how having blended learning works well for compliance trainings, such as Health and Safety and other soft skills.

The article also dictates that this is a growing trend and that it is not necessarily a nice to know, but soon going to be evident in every workplace, so stresses the importance for employers to embark on this route and to do it soon.



Rice, K. (2013, August 21). Blended Learning or Classroom Training-Are Both Equally Effective?. Retrieved from

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