Reflection on the Adult Educator Web Conference


Web conferencing via the medium Skype with my learning partner George was a refreshing approach to any group project work I had done in previous courses. Previous ways of communication in my past, whether it be email or telephone, provided many challenges. Emails were often too short and did not convey a proper tone, nor do they adequately express any emotion. I personally felt that with email, it was not efficient for time management, as you were often waiting for the respondent to respond or pose another thought. This creating a lot of back and fourth, and at some points, added confusion.
Communicating with George via Skype allowed for us to remain on topic and share our thoughts and opinions freely in real time. Utilizing Skype showed me another medium to use and reminded me how technology has changed, and for the better!

Through our Skype session, we were able to share our research on our topic of “Blended Learning.” We each were able to share and teach other about our findings about our topic. It prompted some interesting dialogue on the broadness of our topic as we shared some of our other findings regarding the topic and what the terminology can really mean. We both agreed that online learning is on the rise and is a leading trend, and as instructors, we need to adapt our instructional strategies and to implement new ways to engage our students.

One thing that really stuck out for me in this web conference was how the terminology “Blended Learning” can be looked at in a classroom environment, but also in a corporate setting. We discussed a little bit about my current role and how “Blended Learning” is an emerging trend. It was good to see that research is also showing a increase in the workplace as well.

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