Blended Learning Approaches-How are our roles as Instructors changing?

The second article that I located regarding “roles” and our topic of “Blended Learning” (link below) was interesting as it pertained to many different classroom settings (corporate training, classroom, online, blended)

The article discusses different mediums, including blended learning. The article had relevance for me as it stresses the importance of utilizing different media components into the classroom. It also discusses how choosing the correct media is very important, not only for student engagement, but for students to learn the lessons objectives.

Many of the mediums discussed in the article are not anything new or groundbreaking. It discusses utilizing strategies, assessment requirements and platforms such as small discussion groups,  case studies, hands on training, computer based training, e-learning, and blended learning. The article provides some key advantages and disadvantages to each of the different mediums and strategies.

I found this article interesting as it reminds us as instructors that gone are the days of just lecturing our students. We need to find new ways to portrait our objectives and to ensure all types of learners have the chance to be engaged in our material.


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