Education Articles and Websites:

The Most Effective Training Techniques-This interesting web article discusses some of the latest trends, and the advantages and disadvantages within corporate training settings. It also provides some insight on how to incorporate blended learning into the classroom.

Blended Learning or Classroom Training-Are Both Equally Effective?-This web article evaluates the growing shift towards blended learning within corporate settings. It discusses how trainers are needing to adapt their roles to this “new” methodology.

The Role of Adult Learning-Lifelong Learning or Lifelong Education?-The web article I found particularly interesting as it raises the question about the roles of instructors by debating the terminology of Lifelong Learning versus Lifelong Education.

Cultural Dimensions of Learning: Addressing the Challenges of Multicultural Instruction-This web article discusses some of the current challenges of multiculturalism within the classroom and offers suggestions of how to adapt instructional technique to suit the needs of a wide audience. This was particularly interesting to me as I work for an International company and am often currently in training sessions with people from all over the world. I often think to myself, if I was the instructor, how would I adapt my style to fit the needs of all the students?

Blended LearningThis article helps understand the definition of Blended Learning

Other Hospitality and Corporate Training Related Resources:

Hospitality Resource Library-This is a link to Vancouver Community College ‘s online library with resources regarding different aspects of the Hospitality Industry


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